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If you already don't know anything about NY (much like the idiots who have already posted on here), than wow! New York is a State that contains NYC which draws most attention away from other parts of the state because of it national and world importance. New York State used to be a very nice place to live, however the taxes and ever-increasing cost of living makes New York one of the most undesirable places to live.
Not all of upstate NY is farmland! There are cities in upstate NY that are comparable to other national cities, such as Cleveland, Houston, Atlanta, and Orlando.

New York City gains most of their rough edge from their incorporation of four outer regions known as boroughs. People from the Bronx and Brooklyn are tough people and have little or nothing in common with those who are residents of Manhattan. Queens and Staten Island are suburban in character, but Queens is the most diverse place in the nation.

Long Island contains Brooklyn and Queens, but is not considered part of LI by many people. The counties of Nassau and Suffolk constitute Long Island. LI suffers from high taxes and increasing government incroachment.
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