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Werribee is a great town between Melbourne and Geelong. People (particularly those from the east) like to bag Werribee and call it 'scum' and 'feral' believing that their own town is so perfect and "bogan-free", but the vast majority of residents in Werribee are just as normal, hard working, and friendly as anywhere else. Sure, there are some ferals around like any other place, that can bring Werribee down, but that doesn't mean each of the 40+ thousand residents are all that bad.

It's ignorant to be prejudiced towards a group of people or a town if you have never been there before to experience it first hand, or have met any people from that place.

Just because it's in the western suburbs, that doesn't mean it' scum or shit.
Contrary to popular belief, Werribee does NOT smell. Yes, there is the sewage farm, but seriously, you can not smell it at all.
It's a popular tourist town with the Open Range Zoo, Werribee Park and Mansion, and State Rose Garden. The Werribee Plaza is great for shopping, Werribee South beach for boating, fishing and jetskiing, and the Werribee River for canoeing.

A City/Country/Coast town.
Person 1: "Where are you from?"
Person 2: "I am from Werribee"
Person 1: "Oh cool, it's so green there. I love the people and the town. Beautiful terrain and wildlife"
Person 2: "Yes, it's great living in Werribee, unlike many pretentious eastern suburbs"
by kl uf January 02, 2011
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