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it is unfair to say that scene kids are "gay" or other derogatory terms like that. they are not rude, as one might have said on here, well not as rude as any other person.
i know a few scene kids, and i can asure you they are as normal as you and me...they just look different.
a scene girls hair: has choppy (mostly black) hair. other colors mixed in are common, like hot pink, red, blonde. little girl bows, and bangs at an angle covering one eye.
clothes: are usually more diverse. black and brilliant colors (i suppose a lot like the hair).
slip on shoes (mostly checkered), or converse. black/ white studded belt. sometimes multiple belts.
make up: eye liner is a must BLACK EYELINER and lots of it. bright shades of eyeshoadow usually. sometimes stars on the face.

...that is the style of a scene girl, but the idea of being "scene" is usually knowing a lot about the local music scene. thus, the many band shirts and death grip on their ipod.
favoring unknown bands, and not wanting you to know about them, sayong they began some scene revolution style, and getting pissy when they are copied in makeup or anything, are annoying traits that most all scene kids carry. not to mention that almost everything they do is "hardXcore" and that YOU are always a poser, if you say you even like dinosaurs.
they must have a myspace, become picture whores, and
scene grl #1: "did you see that girls hair?"
scn grl #2: "yea, the girl with the black and pink hair with the bows in it?"
#1: "yea, she is such a poser. i was the first one to even wear those at this school!"
#2: "no i was!"
#1: "we are so scene kids."
#2: "we are so the sexx."
by kjz February 27, 2006
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