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matraville is a suburb located in the south east of sydney, Australia. it is close to Maroubra, hillsdale, la perouse, hillsdale. Matraville is commonly reffered to as Matto, Tha Ville or the 2036 (its postal code). Matraville is well known for its notorious levels of street crimes and gangs. many gangs patrol matraville and the areas surrounding it. these include WSM, HDB, Matto Boyz, JHDB and the bra boys. in early 2004 five WSM gang members were kille din a drive by shooting and almost a week later a series of 3 riots occured, also gang related. All Matravillians have a hate for the HDB & JHDB of hillsdale as they are all fags and should leave sydney b4 they get stomped out. Matraville has been voted the most dangerous neighbour hood in Australia and has a high rate of stabbings and car jackings.

man those WSM & Matto Boyz from Matraville beat the shit out of those Lad fags and hillsdale fags
by kingofthe2036 May 14, 2006

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