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Someone that does things based on what others want them to do and how society wants them to be. You are not a conformist if you like a new band or type of clothing, you're a conformist if you like those things cause your friend does.
Loser: You're such a fucking conformist for liking that band! Why can't you like FOB like everyone else?
Me: Right....
by king_wallace January 31, 2006

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In reality, this is someone who does what they want to in life and doesn't do things just because of others. They are influenced by society but do not follow it. The Common misconseption is that you're only a nonconformist if you conform to being a nonconformist, but theyre just the people who fucked it all up and are the real conformists. The topic is quite contradictory.
"Nonconformist": You're such a conformist bitch for not liking all the same things we do.
Me: Right...
by king_wallace January 31, 2006

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