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A City in Northern Virginia located 6 miles south of Washington D.C.. The city has some very nice neighborhoods directly connected to section 8 slum ass ghettoplexes. Literally connected like what the hell happened here? Especially the East Braddock and or Gray Parker zone (East side). Bammas on the other side of the city (west side) call the godamn place Tha Highway because of Richmond Highway. Most Bammas don’t know that the other side of the Richmond Highway is actually Fairfax co. and not The City of Alexandria. (Although they make them use Alexandria Adresses, P.S. NOVA IS SCREWY) Whatever though, all and all it’s a decent city to live in. Apparently back in the days Alexandria Virginia was the biggest in the slave trade next to New Orleans. Not that it’s something to brag about, but most people who live there don't even know the history of the place.
(Guy 1): Let's go to Tha Highway.

(Guy 2): Fuck you mean?

(Guy 1): Alexandria.
by king jjjooe July 10, 2008

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