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probobly one of the greatest cities on the face of the planet. Harvard University did a study in 2002 about the most desirable place to live on the planet. this study was a Stratified Random Sample (SRS) of every major province in the world. The study took 3 years to complete. The surveyors used a 95% confidence interval. Basically the study was extremely accurate. At the end of the study they found that the united states was the most desirable place to live, they did a sub study and found that of those who wanted to live in the united states or already live in the united states, 82.46% want to live in the state of California; next they found that 92.17% want to live in the southern california area; at a conclusion, they found that the most desirable area in the world to be the intersection between the beaches of malibu and the city of los angeles. AKA CALABASAS! The city is 15 minutes from the beach, 15 minutes from the city. it doesnt have the ghost town feeling of the beach area and it doesnt have the crowded polluted dangerous city feeling. It is the perfect location. The house prices have been booming. Major celebrities from all over live in calabasas or will move to calabasas sooner or later. The Calabasas areas include the west hills portion, and the bell canyon areas of the valley circle. The school has a population of approximately 2000 students. The principle has stated that there has only been 1 school fight in the history of the school. The school is rated as one of the best schools in the country. It is ranked at # 112 out of all the high schools in the nation. The girls at the school are absolutely gorgeous and the guys are probobly some of the most fun around! the parties are always amazing! The city has a very low crime rate. There are many gated communites which house some of the biggest CEOs for fortune 500 companies. THERE IS SOO MUCH WEALTH! the city is ranked the 75th wealthiest zip code out of the 40,000 in the united states!!!! The kids drive mercedes, BMW, m3, lexus, and cadillacs. Just to show off their wealth, the city of calabasas has the biggest rolex on the face of the planet as their clock tower in "The Commons" shopping area. The city has so much life with 3 movie theaters near by. 2 malls and many shopping centers. Everything is located within a 10 minute drive. The city is also known for their mansions in the mountains with beautiful views. and a beautiful lake! I wish i lived in calabasas. It is the best place on earth.
i wish i lived in calabasas
by kevin1234567 April 22, 2006
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