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A person who cuts them self with razorblades or knives (or any sharp object) to feel "relief" from day to day pressures, relationship problems, or troubles with parents. Usually blamed on a parent or mental health issue, but is almost always learned from a close or older friend, who the cutter looks up to This gives them a bond, or a common problem that they can use as way of relating to each other. (The cutter will never admit to this for fear that a parent or loved one will tell them not to hang out with that person anymore).
The cuts usually start out as scratches but can escalate to deep lacerations, the deeper cuts and scars represent how "hardcore" the person is and how severe their problems are. These same people usually minimize or belittle the people who only "scratch" themselves.
Since Abuse or mental illness remove responsibility from the cutter, these are the first things a cutter blames for their actions. The parent who demands good grades is "too controlling" or "can never be satisfied" or "thinks I'm not good enough." The mental illness (bi-polar, manic depression) requires medication and the cutter is really the innocent victim.
Some cutters hide their cuts and some don’t. A quick look at MySpace or Facebook photos will tell you what kind of cutter the person is. The attention seeking cutter will always have pics of scars or poems with innuendos about cutting.
Cutter: I cant believe my boyfriend wont text me back, I hope I don't cut again. (but if I do, Ill tell him) I think he likes another girl. My life is horrible!
David: That sux, I'm going to only brothers memorial Saturday, he was shot while serving in Iraq. He was like the father I never had. He wanted me to get good grades and go to college, I loved him.
Cutter: yeah my asshole father bugs me about grades too, no wonder I'm all screwed up.
David: I'm sorry life dealt you such a terrible hand.
Cutter: me too
by keep things real December 01, 2009

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