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a place that names their ally's (how random is that "hey ill meet in *** ally,,, noooo not that ally the OTHER ONE DAMNIT".) they have no parking whatsoever. they have about 5 coffee shops to every corner because hell you just might be so bored you want new coffee. starbucks gets whored by hard bean every day. they actually have a comic store that is full of porno comics you know good for the kids. oo they also have the same amount of ice cream stores as they do coffee shops sooo your pretty much on a surgar high with the fudge shop and the candy store you might just go into cardiac arrest... who knows. but anyways besides fearing for your life from the asshole drivers, cardiac arrest theres also the sk8ers who hang out by assylem and try to run you over with thier sk8boards... cause their coool?... but then they get whored by the fat police men that claim they are there to catch those damn shoplifters but really just want Ben&jerry's. then there's oceans 2 where some tightass old man sells awesome music...OO LETS NOT FORGET THE CELTIC STORE!!!! you know downtown is not random at all just another place nothing special
ps annapolis just kinda sucks
lets go downtown and get 20 coffee and make fun of starbucks in about 20 minutes
by katy/natalie May 01, 2005

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