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a place in western sydney, nsw, between penrith and blacktown. 2770. it is a place where aboriginals, indians, and fobs make the rules and by god you had better play by them, children as young as 12 will roll you, and if you arent @ centrelink before 7am you wont get in. mounty county is also known as mount druitt, mount druggit, mon drue (for the upper class people) and mount do-it. when the fireworks are let off @ night, this means the drugs are in. you know your cool if you wear your nautica hat and nike 'TNs'. if you live in mounty county you will know all about the tregear brawls, you will know that its 50km through whalan reserve, you dont eat kfc from emerton, you dont need money to go late night shopping because you just steal what you want, you know where the cops sit, you know that you never drive in the left hand lane down luxford road because cars always park there, you know that if you go to chifley college your parents dont care about your education, if you go to st agnes your either asian or rich. the 769 bus is ferral. rabens are all the craze. fluro is still in. you know that putting black electrical tape on the bottom of the 'I' on your number plate will then make it an 'L' is the most genius way to steal petrol. everyone knows that the aboriginals use their abstudy to by nike stuff. fobs get around in taragos and mini buses. everyone buys 2 dollars of devon with their shopping. everyone lives in housing commission, and if you dont your house is probably being tagged as you read this. and pretty much if you live in mount druitt... you will know all of this. ahahaha.
' i gotta go to centrelink and get me some money bro '
' the 769 was 15 fucking minutes fucking late '
' i gotta go to mounty county and pick up me kids '
' ... oh just in mounty county... yeah'
by katepatricia June 22, 2009

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