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Sac-Town is the slang term for the city of Sacramento, California.
"hey where do you live?"
"i reside in Sac-Town, reppin' the 916 blood."
by karlie krash January 25, 2006

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SKINNY JEANS - The Alternative to Girl Pants

Skinny Jeans are what most scene kid would wear. They are straight leg, and usually very tight. A lot of the time they will be distressed, damaged, with expertly designed rips. They fit tight around the bottom of your leg, the calf and ankel, making your legs appear "skinny."

It is basically the cool way of saying that your jeans are boot cut.
hey, those skinny jeans are hella boss.

dude look at those scene kids and their skinny jeans.

"Hey where did you get your skinny jeans?"
by Karlie Krash April 06, 2006

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