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1. a word describing any abnormally skinny ginger.
2. a person who thinks he/she is the shit by making fun of cute little girls, and pretending to be emo, yet still expects to get laid.
3. a person who is so lazy, he/she hasn't gone shirt shopping since he/she was in preschool, he/she hangs around the same place all day, and he/she doesn't even completely write out their own name.
A. "Ashley Olsen's new nick name is Sam."
B. "Although the blue-eyed blondie's name was Helen, we called her Sam because she claimed to be emo by listening to screamo music, painting her nails black, and wearing her 7-year old little sister's jeans."
C. "If you're wondering why I'm wearing a tiny t-shirt with the name of a preschool on it, it's because my name is Sam, and I'm too lazy to go to the fucking mall and buy some new ones."
by k.n.b February 05, 2008
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