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A chatboard on the popular website neopets.com, short for Ideas/Suggestions. This board was once populated by many literate, fun regulars (called I/Sers), but as time went by these I/Sers left and illiterate, spamming n00bs came along. Some of the older I/Sers still attend the board, but unfortunately the number of elite, original I/Sers is slim to none.

The newer people that come to I/S and call themselves I/Sers are generally unaccepted by the I/Sers who have been around for years, as they feel they deserve their position and had to work for it.

These days the board is generally boring and slow, aside from occasional visits from old-time I/Sers and the infamous Vitz.
general I/S topic:

*clap**clap* hay guYzssss rate my lookup *rednose*
by jus chillin December 29, 2006
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