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1 Before the emergence of Jungle/dnb this word used to describe the inhabitants of the Tivoli gardens area of Kingston Jamaica and was also taken on by the young people of the Broadwater farm estate in the Tottenham area of London.

2 Someone who is in full feeling of a certain type of music and vibe most typified in jungle/dnb . However an old skool junglist would have their roots firmly in 80's hip hop and reggae/dancehall and would have been effected by the early acid house and rave scene thus bringing with them there hip hop and reggae influences,essentially a junglist would listen to any music that has a certain ruff vibe to it most typified by breakbeats and heavy bassline
1 big up the tivoli junglist posse

2 inside jungle/dnb rave; hold up ya hand if u a true junglist
by junglistical gargon April 14, 2009
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