4 definitions by jr0d

1) A shortened version of Nerd Unit, what white kids from hick towns in New Hampshire and Nebraska that listen to hardcore gangsta rap call themselves when they believe they have no friends and are computer nerds
Me and ma loner homies are gunna go bust some caps on dem foo's downtown in the hoods of the cornfield yo, n-unit p's dawg!
by jr0d May 16, 2004
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1) A cross between straight and kinky, which could be an oxymoron, if you mean it in a non-perverted way
2) A straight person who is really kinky. You can therefore call the person strinky.
1) Subject A: Look at that strinky line!
Subject B: Your foolin' Subject A, you can't have no straight and kinky line!
2) Subject A: Hahaha, Subject B is strinky.
Subject B: Damn staight I am, wanna play with my whip?
by jr0d June 20, 2004
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Kinda like a pimp, except different. When a man sleeps with different women every night and/or is a male prostitute.
Gee wiz daddy, look at that man-slut over there, he gets all the fine ladies!
by jr0d June 14, 2004
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A horrible horrible song by Fredro Starr host of the infamous television show Dance 360 if anyone ever tries to make you listen to it take a 180 degree turn and run.
If I could make the perfect bitch, she would look just like this...
by jr0d March 22, 2005
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