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Melancholy; depressed; sad.
When your heart is weighted down by sorrow. Often times a death, or when you are still in love with someone from the past.
With a very heavy heart I must inform you all that John "Buddha" Camille passed away.
by Josh Carrico June 05, 2006
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1.) Loosen all of the muscles in your face and refrain from making any expression.
2.) Try to keep your eyes and mouth open.
3.) Shake your head from side to side as quickly as possible while the picture is being taken.

Make sure to use a digital camera with a flash in order to capture the jowler in freeze frame!

* For better results, make crazy noises with your mouth while shaking. Do weird stuff with your eyes.

Now that you've got your Jowl picture, upload that sucker to RateMyJowl.com. Once your Jowler image had been aproved (normally pretty fast) you can sit back and watch the rankings and comments roll in on your image.
Shake Face.... Shake-Shake..... Take picture... JOWL
by josh carrico October 06, 2005
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