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Simply have your partner lay flat on the floor with there tongue sticking out.
You then have to spread out your cheeks, bend down and put them over your partners mouth.
Once feeling the tickling sensation, clinch your asscheeks together and lift up.
bobby gave me a Bohemian Tongue cleaner last night and almost ripped my tongue off. The left over hairs in my mouth caused a big infection in my throat.
by joey smokesz July 24, 2009

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The act of striping naked and soaking yourself in olive oil.
to maintain the best pleasure, you stick your dickhole in a Venus flytrap as your getting your boyfriend to rest his testicles on your eye sockets.
(eyes must stay open)
a rare, but pleasurable and fantastic sex position.
Winston: yewww hooo, Sebastian!
Sebastian: jesus christ Winston you startled me.
Winston: Hey, you wanna go to the garden in my backyard?
Sebastian: umm for what silly?
Winston: umm so we can perform the "Garden Of Eden" you thilly fucker
Sebastian: oohh my favorite, lets go<3
by joey smokesz April 28, 2009

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