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When going for a night out, there is always one person who will take hundreds of photo's of the night and upload them onto a social networking site the next morning. Most of the photo's are utter shit being blurry or not even of the correct friend circle. However, there will usually be a good 10 photo's of the night, and having a camera jockey with you means you don't have to worry about uploading any of your own photo's onto the internet.

Camera Jockey's are also useful to take on holidays, weddings and other social events where you just cannot be arsed bringing your own camera.
Joe: "Hey man, you coming out tonight?"
Sam: "Yeah I am, you bringing a camera?"
Joe: "Nahh, don't worry about it, Sarah's coming out too."
Sam: "Ahh, good old Sarah the camera jockey."
by joe23002 March 05, 2011

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It is another word for a mans forearm, often used in relation to the size. When one is beating a chicken on the head, one makes the same movement as if one is masturbating (known now as Chicken Beating). And when one masturbates a lot, one has a large forearm.
Dave: "Bloody 'ell mate. Can tell you've been single for quite a while. Check out the size of your chicken beater!"
Bill: "I know man. Too much time on my hands. I've been cracking one out at least 3 times a day just to pass the time."
by joe23002 December 19, 2011

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