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Usually occurs during a threesome that is hurriedly increasing in pace.

The sex is so hot and the men want to bust so bad they lose their heterosexual male sense of boundaries

E.g. begins with a double-team, proceeds to double penetration, getting smashed and a double down before the finale.

What happens is cum from opposing sides intersect in mid-air (crossfire part.1)
If the males don't retain their sense of boundaries soon, they will suffer a nightmare they will never forget (crossfire part.2)
Girl double downs, gets her hair pulled and head pulled back.
Both guys then blow their entire loads, and globs of hot man-juice begin to cover her face.

The guys are in such a hurried daze they forget where they're pointing.

As loads of cum from both guys intersect in mid-air, creating mini-cum explosions like the interception of a missile...
their cocks start to waver from pointing at her face and swerving towards each other; the girl goes from object of desire to being caught in a deadly cum-crossfire

(In some cases it ends here when the males realize they are moving towards a collision course)
But the sex is so hot loads of cum begin missing her face and ends with the guys eventually pointing at each other.

The men trade man-juice; what was strictly a heterosexual porn act now becomes a homosexual act.

Both guys immediately go flaccid, run home and cry in their beds.

The End.
by jinxlan February 21, 2010

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