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Duke TIP is a three-week intensive camp typically held in the Southeast part of the United States. It involves sending teenagers from 7th grade to 10th grade to several college campuses, such as University of Georgia, Kansas University, Texas A&M, the Duke campuses, and several others.

Many classes are offered to the teens, such as Criminal Law and Mock Trial, Veterinary Courses, and countless others.

Many people regard Duke TIP as a place for "nerds" and "no life's", but Duke TIP is an amazing experience only the most badass can handle. The social life is incomparable, such as pizza parties in the dorms, having dances which are completely superior to school dances, talent shows, prank calls / texts, and even going around a college campus or city for local activities.
Teen 1: Dude, I went to Duke TIP this year!
Teen 2: So did I! I met my girlfriend, made new friends, and was a complete badass!
Teen 3: god u guys r so no lifes! u need to get real and hav real socil exprnces!!!!!1! fuking nrds!
Teen 1 and 2: *beat the sh*t out of Teen 3*
by jflory7 August 12, 2011
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