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The rip off of Bryn Mawr's Gym Drill. Basically Bryn Mawr came up with the idea in the 19th century to show that women were just as physically fit as men. So every spring there would be a huge gymnastics display, by 1927 it changed over to culutural dances. Gym Meet was not even founded until 1929. At Bryn Mawr the girls are required to take dance as well as p.e., and it's not a competition it's a celebration of unity. So NDP and Maryvale really have nothing on Bryn Mawr as far as gym...... dances/things are concerned
Why weren't you at practice yesterday?
I had to stay late for Gym Meet practice

Our Gym Meet dance is amazing!!!!!!

OMG she was so upset we didn't win Gym Meet she started crying!
by jfahldkfha May 02, 2008
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