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She is one of the most amazing people on the planet. Super funny, confident, kind and very savage. If you don’t already, get you a her. And needless to say, if you f**** with her or her family, you better pray she doesn’t find you as she has enough people to help her burry the body.
Who is that amazing woman?!”

“That’s Soekarsi
by jemoer November 22, 2021
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Daily Mail; Did not Read

Derivative of tl;dr, related to hp;dr(Huffington Post;Did not Read). Used on news aggregation sites to indicate that they won't read the article because it's from the dailymail, an unreliable source.
A: Look! Study on flying saucers proves that vaccines are dangerous!1! www.dailymail.co.uk/.....
B: dm;dr
by jemoer January 13, 2010
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