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really this is what you want to spend your time doing hoping there might just possibly be a definition? well guess what there is one and now you gotta listen to this story.

so when I was at a friends house I was playing beat saber in vr and I was doing a really hard song but my friends came into the room and pantsed while i was doing the song but I wanted to finish the song so i was in the room striped down to my underware and somehow i finished the song while i was in my underware and there were two people watching me in my underware
person 1 :jgcvxhgjkhhvcvfdghxhjkertyuilm
person 2: what?
person 3 : yes
by jbhuihjuuu October 18, 2021
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something people say when getting ready to fight. mainly used in schools and the hood
person 1: ay bro what you doin this my girl
person 2: do something about it then
person 1: oh ill do something
person 2: then square up bruv
by jbhuihjuuu October 18, 2021
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