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(noun) portrays the meaning of Diao Definition: A 'Jay Chou' is someone whom is cool, musically inclined - can play many instruments(piano, cello etc), cute, talented, great body -slurp-, 175cm, 60kg, owns 9 antique cars, worth billions, is rich, has millions of fans worldwide and millions of girls dying to meet him.

Background: Jay Chou is Asia'a King of R&B, rival of David Tao, under Alfa Music, brought into the music industry by Jacky Wu, wrote songs for $600/song before he made his mark in the world of chinese pop, releasing his debut album in 2000 - Jay, and followed by Fantasy which became the album that made him famous overnight with chart topping songs like 'An Jing' and 'Kai Bu Liao Kou', has up to 4 best selling albums to date (latest album - Ye Hui Mei) and recently led a band called Nan Quan Ma Ma into the music industry.
Jay Chou is a legendary character in the music industry, his fame can be comparable to veterans like Andy Lau or A-Mei.
by jaywife June 14, 2004
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