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an amazing principal who actually cares about his students and that’s on periodt
danwithluv is the best principal ever periodt
by jaylathehoe July 21, 2019

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honestly, he is someone who is irreplaceable. you will not find a better friend than ace, he is sweet, he is sometimes a bitch but he’s very unique. ace is an amazing friend and he’s someone you can count on no matter what. he is very loved🖤🖤🖤
slattace is such an amazing sa and that’s on periodt
by jaylathehoe July 22, 2019

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0o9x the bully
by jaylathehoe June 09, 2019

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the best dabber 😌
no one:
RainbowUnicorn5411: dabs
via giphy
by jaylathehoe June 13, 2019

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