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they are hot,
the best band created
and they dont give a shit about you haters
takes sometime to know them
dont bother wasting ur time writing shit you know is wrong
they're making millions and you're probably secretly have they're album, watch their videos, AND who knows maybe a shine in your closet
next time you try and talk shit about them
look at the bands you like ...probably something shitty like metalica or avenged sevenfold or something like that
they have a new cd coming out , give me a thumbs up if you'll buy it too, support the band that helps you grow
gay fag "omg i only love MY CHEm. (my chemical romance) because gerad si so hot"

me-(he is inded hot but i love they're music too)

gay fag2"they are fags who are wanna be emo and just want they're attention"

me-they have gone through so much in they're like and they have the right to do whatever the fuck they want

gay fag3"they are so boring , i used to liek them but they need no songs i have so lost interest"

me-the fucker probably doesnt even knwo they have a new cd coming october 24
by jarseeca August 15, 2006
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