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When any little thing happens in a worthless persons life that they have to run and post in FaceSpace or any other social media B.S.
Female or Male Douchebag: (Drops a deuce) 2 mins later.... (On Facebook....) Hey everyone, I just dropped a massive log!

Female or Male Douchebag:(10 mins later from the deuce) Watching the baby takes his/hers first steps... (On Facebook...) Hey, Jr Docuhebag just walked from this couch(pic of couch) to this one(other couch pic) for the first time.

Female or Male Douchebag:(2 mins later from litte DBags first steps on Facebook...) now watching Cops on TV.

Truthful Friend: (Response to postings) Dude/Woman, I think you have OCPID (obsessive come-post-it disorder) you need to get an "F"ing job or a life already and get off the FaceSpace!!!
by james digler April 28, 2012

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