2 definitions by jackshit

when you are taking a shit and getting a handjob at the same time
what'd you do last night?
Jack shit....
Oh that must've sucked...
No... no sucking... just a handjob
by jackshit March 5, 2008
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an australian wanker close to eshay.
wears satchels and takes low level drugs. sags their shorts and commonly refers to sex as a root. rarely has girlfriends and mostly has “things” with girls. never homosexual and prodominatly white. travels in packs and wears nike adidas champion ect. always wears branded caps and branded shoes. says “up the” and “what the”. gets offended being called eshay do calls themselves lads. never EVER shows face in photos. it’s part of the religion. starts fights.
that’s an aussie lad right there
by jackshit February 3, 2019
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