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When you are fishing and happen to be getting bites. Could be in a large pond,river bank or lake. Other people may be using different baits and you either happen to have thrown your line in the right spot or you posses a better bait. You start to get bites on your line and or begin to catch fish. Then, behind your back, or unbenounced to you the other fishermen begin to lower there eye brows and eyes begin to dart back and forth low grumbling may insue. They may even glance @ each other with the snarled upper lip but when you look @ them they quickly smile and remark "hey good one pal". But under there breath they say "SONOFABITCH or lucky fucker" as you begin to catch more fish.With a grin on there face you may hear the old "watcha usin buddy". Then you inconspicuously look with head held straight, from side to side and you notice that they are moving closer towards your spot. Setting up the nigger fish. Before you know it some guy throws his line right in your exact same spot. "Sorry about that" "oh thats ok". If this ever happens to you this is called nigger fishing.
"Hey mother fucker go get your own spot I was here first fuckin nigger fishing on me".
by jack the knife August 03, 2006
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