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Supposedly a good website to help children with their reading skills. It actually might help for spelling and occasionally definitions but nothing else.

You have to take a quiz to determine your reading level. The website will then give you articles at your reading level. After reading the articles you have to take a quiz. You then get graded on the quiz and the grade gets sent to your teacher.

Sounds pretty good, huh? WRONG!!!!

My school has to pay $10,000 for it each year!!!! (So that's where all the money is going to). Many of the answers are wrong. When you get the answer right it gives you a pink highlighted word ("Wow!!" "Good Job!!" "Keep It Up!!" The kind of stuff that makes you want to commit suicide because it's so retarded) that is supposed to encourage you to do better. NO IT DOESN'T!!!! And they have no articles that have anything interesting in them. I looked up war because that's interesting and guess what happens!! "Sorry, no results were found". Wow.

Do not ever use this damn website.
"The school pays $10,000 a year for this Teenbiz 3000 crap? The principal must have signed the paper with a gun pointing to her head".
by jAsOn0072 April 29, 2009

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