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Situated 45 minutes north of manhatten,bedford looks like small town, that is very family oriented. Bedford is very beautiful, and is great for young kids and adults. as well the teens find enough fun too. bedford village males play hockey or lacrosse for fox lane or there prep school, there wardrobe is nothing but polo or abercrombie, they wear kahkis and plad shorts along with polo's or oxfords shirts, they are the life of the party, notorious to be heavy drinkers. kids from bedford live the good life and know how to have fun. A typical bedford saturday will be eating at the bedford village deli,going to bedford golf and tennis club all afternoon with the exception of hockey or lax practice,nights consisit of beer pong and numerous keg stands at you friends party, as well waking up with a girl next to you the next day. bedford kids are known to be popular, and are well liked. Bedford girls have fake tans designer glasses and similar wardrobe style to the males. they are known sluts, but very down to earth. A bedford kid usually lives in a house costing over 1 million dollars, and has 3-4 friends with pools and tennis courts at there house. celeberties always race there fancy cars along 172, bedford is overall a quiet but fun town, with everything for any one.
you are from bedford?...where is the party then tonight?
by j4ake23 July 10, 2006
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