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italians are loud. they make the best food. most italians come from a large family, of 7 or 8 kids. they all talk with their hands and talk half in english and half in italian. the men usually have long fingernails. italian women always think they are right, when most of the time they arent. the women cook, the men watch tv. they are terrible drivers- they drive too fast. they swear too much, most of the time in italian. you can never understand anything they say sometimes, because it usually makes no sense. they are all about family, and if you have a problem with one of them, you have a problem with them all. most italians have hand gestures for everything. they make good meatballs, sauce and pizza. they make you eat even when you are completley full. usually they all have big gardens and chickens. they are quite religious. italians come all in one package, with families usualy the size of 30 people or more. when theyre all together, they are louder then anything you can imagine, all shouting over eachother. at family gatherings, they all dance around like idiots to accordions and italian music and laugh at eachother. when everyones together they all have a good time and laugh until they cry. italian laughter is contagious- once one person laughs, they all do. they drink a lot, and they love to drink wine, which is usually home-made. they always have a good time, no matter what. they believe family is the most important part of life, besides food. being italian means your the best.
italians are the best.
by italianxbabe August 09, 2009

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