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A county in Florida north of Tampa. There's nothing to do there accept go to Wal-Mart or walk around parking lots just to get yelled at by cops. The people there aren't that great, and they spend their time on facebook and myspace making anonymous accounts like "Spring Hill's Finest" or "Spring Hill Shit Talkers". Everyone there loves drama, even when they say they don't. You have to go to Tampa to do anything even remotely enjoyable. It's filled with old people, wiggers, rednecks, and occasionally a cool person. For a county off the coast, their only beach sucks. Their excuse for a "mall" is some Town Center thing with a bunch of random junk. Most males there are players, and most females are fake. Everyone uses words like "bro" and tries to talk with a ghetto accent. It's the place no child should ever be forced to move to.
Kid #1: What do you wanna do tonight, bro?
Kid #2: What the hell is there to do here in Hernando County?
Kid #1: Guess we're going to Wal-Mart, again...
by isntTHATlovely December 1, 2010
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