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1) The purest thing anyone can find in the universe, yet non-tangible. Those who have it are envied by those who don't, as to have it is to feel complete and whole.
2) The filler of a small, but vitally important, void in everyone's heart.
3) Makes the void bigger each time it's torn away from one's heart
4) Hideously over-used and abused word meaning "you're hot, have sex with me", in this case the words "I love you" meaning "I lust you"
5) The only thing that can destroy a heart, and the only thing that can repair it again

Not wanting to be apart from the one you love for any second; never ceasing to think about them, in either waking moments (read that again if you thought it said something different =\) or sleeping ones. Just wanting to hold them and never let go. Wanting time to stop when you're with them..the list goes on. Love is unmatchable. Love is pure. Love is pain..
1) Damn that lucky git, he's found love
2) Before I fell in love my heart was missing something...
3) Now it's gone I'm missing something more...
4) *Guy spots girl in bar, never met before* "I think it's love at first sight" *Ends up as one night stand*
5) After love there is nothing, until it comes back again.

I love Jade..
by insignificant dude April 26, 2004
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