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A "milk shot" is a slang term used to describe a large hit of marijuana smoke that is inhaled via a bong/water pipe. The smoker will light the bowl and inhale deeply and for a long period of time. The smoke in the pipe accumulates and quickly turns milky white as it becomes more and more dense until the smoker releases the carb and inhales the smoke in one deep inhale.

Usually this results in cashing the bowl (finishing the entire bowl of marijuana) in one inhale and thusly "milk shotting" is usually done in solitary rather than group smoke sessions.
"Check out this video of me taking a monster milk shot off of my ROOR"

"I want to see you take a milk shot off of that sweet new glass piece you got there."
by infiniteawesome June 24, 2006

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Cannabis Culture is a Canadian based magazine that majorly focuses around the controversial subject of cannabis in modern day society. It was orginally called "Cannabis Canada" but was changed early on as its reader base began to spread across into other countries, primarily the United States.

It generally focuses on activism, legalization/decriminalization of marijuana, various aspects of marijuana use, various aspects and techniques of growing and those who grow cannabis, as well as various articles concerning famous/semi-famous artists, musicians, and others who talk about and/or use cannabis recreationally, medicinally, and spiritually.

Consistent articles include "Bob High, science guy" comic strips as well as notes from the editor, Marc Emery and/or Jodie Gienz Ramsay. Also, Ed Rosenthal, a somewhat famous cannabis enthusiast, who specializes in giving advice to novice cannabis cultivators and users, posts responses to various questions posed in the form of emails and/or letters mailed to him in California.

The magazine has recently come under controversy, as its editor, Marc Emery, is currently facing possible extradiction to the United States for sale of cannabis seeds to recipients in the United States. There is varying controversy regarding this as the sale of marijuana seeds is somewhat ambiguous in terms of its legality and is generally acceptable in Emery's current home in Vancouver, BC.

Cannabis Culture is one of the four major cannabis related magazines that is widely available in the United States, the others being High Times, Heads, and Skunk. Other cannabis related magazines are available in the UK.

It is generally seen to be, amongst the four, as more genuine and dedicated to the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, regardless of its intended use, be it recreational, medicinal, or spiritual. The other three tend to saturate their pages with well-done photography of various aspects of cannabis culture, but tend to shy away from the political issues when compared to Canabis Culture.

There is mild controversy regarding the genuineness of Emery's character due to his extremist political standpoints and societal viewpoints.

Cannabis Culture is generally less available than High Times and Heads in most commercial bookstores.
"You pick up High Times? Nah, I like Cannabis Culture."
by infiniteawesome April 20, 2006

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