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1. battle in' mode, I am going to fuckin' kill you cuz I am thirsty for blood type shit;

2. I got a big cack; wsup bitch= hollerin' mode, I beat the pussy up and she knows it....yep. My words get you wet cuz they're fit for your ear drum, I got a bid dick that will make your bitch cum; come get some mindset

3. get your mind right I'm a god damn super hero ninja mother fucker; dont't fuck wid it, in other words your a fuckin puts and I'm a fuckin nutz, loco guerilla, go godzilla on your bitch ass (pussy)
1. This motherfucka made me go beast mode on his bitch ass; so I knocked his panzy ass out!

2. I tapped that pussy so hard she was lovin it. She told me while I was fuckin her, "fuck me hard", "go beast mode daddy."

3. My pimp game is good, but my beast mode is better. I'm a motherfuckin' animal!
by infantry7 June 22, 2009

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