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Hoggy, basically meaning a hogger, hoarder, stealer, theif, nasty person or generally quite a bit more selfcentred than the average selfcentred person.

Have the ability to hog/steal your closest friends and family, snaking their way in and then making every attempt at blackening your name so a rift appears and your friends and family do not want to associate with you...untill, indeed the hoggy loses interest or the people she has hogged are no longer uselfull and then she turns on them and makes them feel very uncomfortable by spreading roumers, destroying private property and generally being an asshole.

A hoggy also likes to keep their partner on a tight rope and doesnt like them to do or say anything without prior agreement from them. They vet what they wear and how they have their hair cut and even the music they listen to. The partner of the hoggy may even only be alowed in social situations if accompanied by another member of the hoggies family.

Trieds regularly to sleep with other people's partners just to get to them.

Thinks theyare a lot hotter than they really are

Generally a not very nice person.

Originated in Salisbury.
oh my god have you seen how that girl is with her boyfriend, a blatant hoggy.

yeah she's been spreadding shit about him again and he's believing it, what a hoggy.

I'd avoid her, Ive heard she's a hoggy, not to be trusted.

she slept with my boyfriend just to get at me coz I didnt go round for dinner...HOGGY BITCH!
by in yer face August 06, 2009

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