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A term used to describe individuals (usually an ethnic minority) who reject their native cultures and aggressively embrace a dominant culture so they can get delusional notions of "fitting in" or feeling superior

The term has significantly lost some of its meaning because of how Asian men and black women abusively label their respective partners as "sellouts" for dating white people
Asian Guy 1: Carla is the biggest sellout ever; she's going out with a white guy!

Asian Guy 2: Oh yeah? So she also hates her Chinese culture? Refuses to date Chinese men? Belittles Chinese people?

Asian Guy 1: Um no, she's cool about being Chinese but she goes out with white guys

Asian Guy 2: That's not being a sellout; maybe if she did all of the ff. then she would be one
by iluvemp04 February 19, 2009
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