1 definition by iluvemp02

A word that is commonly used to negatively refer to a person who is very idealistic and believes in supposed non-existent social constructs such as "soulmates", "true love", "peace on earth" etc.

However, this needs to be reversed as there is nothing wrong with it and those who hate on naive people are just envious their innocence was already brutally shattered by some tragic mishap (i.e. being dumped or cheated on)

People who are naive are not ignorant fools but rather they are people who dare to dream and go against the grain of the all-too-common cynical realist who love playing the role of joy killer

And for the record, the concept of "true love" cannot be disproven either, so some people need to stop preaching like it's not real just because they suck at relationships
Guy 1: Joe is so naive. He thinks he has a soulmate somewhere out there. The poor sap will probably only get his heart broken and end up being like the rest of us

Guy 2: Stop talking like the bitter realist that you are
by iluvemp02 December 23, 2008