1 definition by ilovemybestfrienddanny

1.)When a person (usually named Jose) smokes the whole bowl of weed without sharing the bowl, and was smoking marijuana by age four.

2.)Very tolerant of smoking excessive amounts of marijuana. (Brags about it constantly)

3.) Someone who gets upset at normal people who start smoking marijuana in their teenage years.
Josh: Hey you skipped me, let me get green.

Danny: Alright man here
(Josh hits it)

Jose(Already blazed): You're not fucking hitting it hard enough!(Pushes josh and the bowl spills on the ground)

(Next day)

Danny: Dude ha, that was fucking stupid of Jose last night. He wasted a whole bowl.

Josh: Yeahh, he didn't have to go all "Serious pot Smoker" on my ass.

by ilovemybestfrienddanny October 23, 2008
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