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Edra is a nice, pretty, gorgeous, caring and fun girl who loves to hook up with guys and doesn't do very well in relationships unless she is really into the guy, she is usually blonde and green eyed she likes to have fun and hates drama she tends to be very clumsy and is a huge flirt. she loves parties and booze, she loves to paint black light paints everywhere and she tends to not be very good at drawing turtles. she has a good taste in fashion and she loves to go shopping with her friends. also she loves the winter because she gets to go sledding with her friends and loves to skip school, especially because her teacher gets boners in yoga class. she hates private school and some of the fakes that come with it. she will talk to anyone thats nice to her and she will be nice back, no matter who you are, what you are, or where your from. she is a real person who just wants to live a fun life.
Amy: hey have you seen Edra today?
Anna: no but i miss her!
Amy: i know she needs to get here soon!
by iloveblacklights January 21, 2012
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