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During the middle school stage of adolescent life a group of children will form.

Depending on the size of the grade these children belong to the "Rotation" group that most likely consists of 7-12 boys and 10-14 or so girls.

The Rotation Effect received its name from of this stage, because of the rotation of relations between a girl and a boy in the Rotation clique.

A boy and a girl in the rotation clique will date for anywhere between two weeks to two months, the relationships will be filled with drama and the partners will only converse when around other members of the rotation clique.

Not long after entering the High School stage these preppy faggots will develop a knack for drinking. They will get drunk at least once a week, and at school the will talk non stop about being/getting wasted.

The girls will whore themselves out at party's then come to school the next day and be proud of it.

It is also common for the rotations to complain about how hard there life is even though they have everything they want or need.

The Rotation Effect children will soon move into adulthood and go to a local community college or a state school for further education.

After college the men will become devote Towny's and spend the rest of there days in suburbia. The women will grow fat with age and on many occasions spend there life with a Towny living together in the same town they grew up in.

They eventually will spawn offspring that will no doubt be victims of the ROTATION EFFECT.
children involved in "The Rotation effect" are referred to as the "Rotations"

The Rotation Effect side effects include:

1.Being a douche

2.Being a towny

3.Talking shit


5.Believing His/Her problems are the most important ones in the world.

6.Being a whore/slut/skank/vagina giver/cum dumpster/seaman lover/cum chug.

7.Being Fake

8.Being a douche/whore x2

9.Thinking your life is so bad.
by ilolatbasekids January 31, 2011

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