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One of the reasons hip hop is dead, as said by the great Nas. He is the worst piece of shit i have ever heard "rap" in my life ! Claims to be the best rapper of alive, but more like the worst. Call me a fucking hater, but only those lil wayne dick riders that have never heard anything better are brainwashed and believe anything he tells them.
This nigga has no flow, he repeats the same shit over and over. All he does is rhyme, and that does not make a good rapper. He is a faggot who loves to get it in the ass from his big gay daddy birdman. Also hes a wanna be original gangsta that swears hes a blood and shot himself like an idiot when he was like 5. What a good role model (sarcasm) All you lil niggas need to listen to the real rappers like Nas, Immortal Technique, Ice Cube Jay Z, Biggie, 2pac, Cormega, Az, Styles P and the Luniz.
He is GARBAGE that only raps about pussy, money, weed, literally. but that what these dumbasses like i guess. i feel stupid by just listening to him. go enlighten your self with real rappers that rap about real life. you know cant relate to having a milli, popping bottles, or fucking every girl in the world. but you do feel pain and the harshness of life. please hop off lil waynes dick and listen to some real artists. YEA IM A FUCKING HATER...AND ?
An example of Lil Wayne's rhyming garbage where he literally repeats the same thing 8 times, just in different words, from the song We Be Steady Mobbin ?

Man fuck these niggas
Ima spare everything but these niggas
I flip the gun and gun fuck these niggas
Take the knife off the AK and cut these niggas

Yeah and fuck these bitches
I swear I care bout everything but these bitches
I don't care I "so what" these bitches
And I put young mula baby way above these bitches

* Nigga rhymed 4 times in a row, and Bitch also did, garbaggeee !!!!!*

Here's a line from the great Immortal Technique that inspired me, from the song Caught in a Hustle :)

So if I should ever fall and get caught in a hustle
Let them know that I died while I fought in a struggle
From the hoodrats to rich kids lost in a bubble
Spray paint it on the streets and in the subway tunnels
Write it down and remember, that we never gave in
The Mind of a Child is where the Revolution Begins
So if the solution has never been to look in yourself,
How is it that you expect to find it anywhere else?
by illmatic733 May 21, 2010
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