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A girl who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is always full of energy, but can also have some attitude at times. Her mind is always full of creative ideas or just random, silly, sometimes sexual concepts. Even though she jokes around A LOT, she never truly means it. She is also one of the most ghetto Italian girls EVER. Gotta love her awesome rapping skillz;) & this girl is GORG. :] She is a beast defender/goalie in soccer and knows how to keep order on a team! Most important of all, she knows how to make her friends laugh their fckn asses off when they don't even feel like smiling. Santucci is the best person ever. Oh, and don't mess with her-she will give you the dirties looks o.O lmfao. Oh, and lastly; Santucci and her bf and absolutely ADORABLE together. "OK, I'M DON3. LEH-GAW" (Look at me now;chris brown). -> i love you bbygurllllllll<3
Oh wow, she is such a Santucci!
Damn, who's that Santucci girl?!
by iiiiLiiikeeeiiiTTT May 27, 2011
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