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a style of music that i have developed a name for. Bands that make phunktronics music include but are not limited to: Phish, The Disco Biscuits, String Cheese Incident in 04, and 05, The New Deal, Lotus, Soulive, MMW, STS9, Particle, Hydra, Signal Path, The Duo, The Meters, G. Clinton and P-funk, Frank Zappa,and a few DJ's like DJ Logic, DJ Mauricio, DJ Lorin aka Bassnectar, Thievery Corporation, Lymbyc System, DJ Tiesto,DJ OMEN, Conspirator, Moshi Moshi. This style (phunktronics) is characterized by funky melodies and or funky high pitched guitar solos. Deep Heavy funky, jazzy, trancey, housey bass.Live drumming and programmed drumming, containing breakbeats, upbeat, uptempo,downtempo, house, groove rythms. They are always improvised and contain bits of repetitive action. Psychedelia plays a large role in PHunktronics. PHunktronics is also the feeling one gets when seeing one of the above musical acts live while on psychedelic hallucinogens.
I tripped last night at the Cheese show. They played a Birdland>!Bam!>BOTWP jam. Total PHunktronics.
by ian b December 21, 2005
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Mike Gordon, bassist from Phish. Mikes>Hydrogen>Weekapaug is known as Mikes Groove you people who aren't into phish should check it out, it may just be enough to convert you to a PH head. anyway the Cactus is great.
Cactus wrote an excellent song called Simple.
by ian b December 29, 2005
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