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might have to

This is part of a coded reference used to mask the outright saying of "giving oral sex or having sexual intercourse". The idea is to say you "might have to" and then follow it up with something completely unrelated to anything of a sexual nature. The more bizarre, the better.

So its like a leading response in a conversation about trying to make someone happy, or owing someone for something they did for you, or trying to find forgiveness, and a way to show gratitude. See the examples given....
Girl: OMG, Jay is gonna be mad when he sees the dent i put in his car, it was an accident. I dont even know how Im gonna repay him :(
Girl 2: Damn...You "might have to" wash his socks everyday for a month.

Jessie: Marcus didnt snitch on me to the cops, I love him for that
Erica: Where you dirty?
Jessie: Fuck yeah I had hella weed on me when they stopped us. He could've easily ratted me out, but he didnt.
Erica: Wow, you "might have to" give him his insulin shot for that one.
Jessie: IKR

Tanya: Baby Im so sorry, I didnt mean to hurt you. I'll make it up to you, I swear. Anything....
Mike: Word? You "might have to" come over here and fix the rack and pinion on my car, whore.
by iBodyDoritos September 7, 2011
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