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Read the first post. i would like to add some following statements:

a person who does NOT enjoy laughing at other people's corpses, and doesnt write "crap" "shit" "fuck" or "noob" in game.

when a gamer gets killed, he does not get pissed. he understands that he CAN be beaten, and says: "wow, youre pretty good" or "good job, you have nice skills"
he does NOT say : "omg ur a pfukin r-tard you cant do sheet i was actually leting u win omg piss of go fu*k w/ur dog, shite noob"
-notice the E in the word SHIT.-
this happened to me once in Guild wars; the dude put me on Ignore and called me names. typicall 11 year old non-gamer attitude. True gamers are cool and stay cool.
by i playes guild wars's October 17, 2007

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i play both games, but switched to GW since i have school and dont have cash to play wow
A game that is in constant battle with Guild Wars. Most WoW players say that Guild Wars can suck WoW's balls. Most GW players say that WoW can suck GW's balls.
Let me shed some light on the subject.

Graphics: GW wins

Huge-ness: WoW beats Gw in da face(altho that can change when gw2 comes out)

quest system: Gw wins fare&square, in wow the quest are as boring as my mom's wooden leg

Economical: gw wins, altho the 15 bucks per month is crap

Players: in GW most towns are really empty, and are very isolated, so people who dont want to do missions in the town, just go to Kamadan or some other capital.

Mature-ness of players: when i played wow i met some really cool people, most of them over 16(means theyre cool) but the ones which are -16 are like idiots who spend their time laughig at you when you get killed since theyre 48 levels above you

overall, both games are equal. please, stop arguing like dipshits over which game is better. THE GAME THAT IS BETTER IS THE ONE WHICH U HAVE MORE FUN IN, and that counts for you and you only!
Thank you for your cooperation
WoW: omg wow totaly pwnez gw in da fukin face go get a life boooon
GW: lol u waste ur muny on stupid crap liek dat gw has better graphisicis and the ppl arent 11 years old booncaek mofo!

World of Warcraft is cool.
Guild Wars is cool.
by i playes guild wars's October 17, 2007

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