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charlie sheen

charlie sheen is a character played by charlie harper

in charlie harper's "my dick and me" tv series he plays an old masturbation addicted pianist that lives in his brother's house and tries to avoid masturbation by unpayed prostitution, he is married to berta the housemaid and has alcohol addiction, he is often blackmailed by his 20 yrs younger mother for oral intercourse. the whole series is about his queen feministic experiences with females and his narcism that was caused by sheen's exwife rose lynskey prostata experiments on him
charlie harper gets 1 000 000 per episode on MY DICK AND ME playing charlie sheen
charlie sheen signed his contract for another 3 seasons of MY DICK AND ME on 18th of may 2010 after rumors that supposed that charlie have ended the career
by i own someth May 22, 2010
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