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(n) A crappy town in Texas about 1 1/2 hrs south of Dallas. This town has never done anything significant nor has anyone that lives there. A few people from this town have gone on to do good things but only because they left to achieve it. It has often been thought of to have mystic / magical powers. Reason being is because anyone unfortunate to inhabit this black hole of a town is sucked dry of any creativity, talent, ambition, will power, education, etc. However, these "magical" powers do work some good. Upon the slim chance that an inhabitant escapes this place, within an hr of being away they instantly become smarter, more creative, happy, etc. The longer this person stays away from the clutches of this place the more dramatic their improvement becomes. Not to mention their over all chances of becoming a productive member of society increase 200%. Even tourists and visitors to this town have reported experiencing an unusual feeling of disgust & absent mindedness.
1.) I wouldn't suggest living in corsicana to my worst enemy.
2.) When you see the exit for corsicana, step on the gas and keep going!
by i made it out February 04, 2010

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