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1. People (usually female)who are obsessed with something because its cool esp. bands and only like the band because the lead singer is hot.
2. people who bag out other people for being "teenies" and then go home and worship the super hot lead singer on their wall, and say "im not a teenie cos i own an album"
3. People who speak in sms talk all the time, and alternate capitals.
4. people who dress like hookers
5. blondes that can't spell the word daft, don't know what it means, and are just that
oMfG I jUsT LuV BiLlY jOe HeS LyKe ZoMgZ HoT. JuSt WaIt WhIlE i AnSwEr mI SuPa KoOl FoNe. Im NoT a TeEnIe CoZ i JuSt LuRvE MiKeY AnD TrEe ThEY ArE LyKe So HoT As WeLl!!!!! WaT Do U mEaN ItS TrE?
by i hate simple plan September 28, 2006

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